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Tessa Takes the Challenge: Dramatic Learning Series.

Have you been getting frustrated trying to find a job? Does starting a business seem like a daunting task? Do you need to boost your business by introducing a new product or service? Then this dramatized learning series is for you! You get step by step guide to help you to implement your business idea with entertainment as a bonus!

  • 1. Entrepreneur or Employee

    Provokes thoughts of being an entrepreneur instead of an employee and to explore different types of entrepreneurs.

  • 2. The Big Idea

    Demonstrates creative ways to generate business ideas through personal stocktaking and brainstorming.

  • 3. Research

    Introduces the importance of planning and market research before starting a business.

  • 4. Understanding Risks

    Examines at some of the characteristics necessary to be an entrepreneur, particularly risk taking, when your idea is challenged.

  • 5. Business Basics

    Helps you understand and choose the right business structure for you before you get started.

  • 6. Feasibility

    Shows that not all business ideas work and that failure is a part of the life of an entrepreneur and needs to be accepted and learned from.

  • 7. Finances

    Explores dealing with service providers and introduces various financing options available to start-up businesses.

  • 8. Mentors & Investors

    Demonstrates the importance of having a mentor to provide guidance, accountability, and connections to people who can help grow your business.

  • 9. Leadership

    Explores some of the issues associated with growing the business. Namely, leadership, organizational structures and separation of roles.

  • 10. Networking

    Discusses the importance of contracts, relationships with suppliers and some of the other aspects of starting and running a business, including the help that is available to entrepreneurs.


Donna Every is an author, international speaker and trainer whose vision is to use her gifts, abilities and experiences to inspire, educate and empower women. Her books "What Do You Have in Your House?" and "The Merger Mogul" were featured in over 40 publications and websites such as Yahoo! Finance, Reuters.com, MSNBC.com, CBSNews.com and MarketWatch.com for their business principles. In June 2010 she made the cover of the US magazine Personal Excellence for her article, "Beating the Economy" based on her first book. She was listed as one of Barbados Today’s Women Inspiring Change for International Women’s Day 2014 and one of the 31 Women to Watch in the Caribbean in 2016 by Girls Who Write Blogs. She has been married for 29 years and has two children and three dogs.