A one day deep level workshop to increase employee engagement and productivity.

The workshop will address the following areas:

  • Review of the mission and vision of the company
  • The importance of working together to achieve the vision
  • Understanding the business and the importance of internal customer relationships in serving the external customer
  • The concept of being an entrepreneurial employee
  • The importance of having a personal vision
  • Seeing the Big Picture (Linking personal vision to corporate vision)
  • Understanding the core values of the company and how they align ( or don’t) with staff’s personal core values

 Effect of attitude on job performance and life in general

The expected deliverables of this workshop are:

  • Increased staff engagement resulting from targeting areas of concern in the training session.
  • Increased staff engagement resulting from linkage between their purpose and position
  • Increased staff engagement resulting from re-examining the vision and their ability to help achieve the vision
  • Improved efficiency of the company resulting from understanding of roles and responsibilities and the overall impact on the business
  • Increased productivity and improved attitude
  • Understanding of the need to be entrepreneurial as employees

This workshop is conducted over a full day (7 hours with a fifteen minute break and an hour for lunch).