What Now?


Nick is in the habit of having any woman he wants, but when Shari refuses to be his next in line, he is challenged and intrigued.



Nick has been through two marriages. While he admits that his womanizing started the break-up of his first marriage, he’s convinced that the media was responsible for the tragedy that ended it and that their reckless reporting helped to destroy the second one. So the last thing he wants to do is a documentary, which his PR agent hopes will improve his bad boy image.

Journalist Shari Goodwin would rather be reporting about the effect of micro-financing on women in developing nations. Instead, she’s been assigned to follow around Nick Badley, like a groupie, to make a documentary about him.

When they meet, both of them resent having to work with the other. Shari sees him as an overindulged rock star who has earned the nickname, Nick Bad. Nick sees her as a judgmental reporter whose surname suits her to the max. So, when attraction flares between them, Shari is determined to fight it. After all, Nick is in the habit of having any woman he wants and she refuses to be the next in line. Nick can’t remember the last time he’s been refused by a woman and is challenged by Shari’s rejection.

However, when tragedy and trauma strike, a bond is created between them that goes beyond mere attraction. Will it be enough to make Nick change his ways and commit to a lasting relationship? Can Shari trust him enough to take a chance on him and will she be willing to stand with him when his world falls apart?