Love Wins


Love Wins will give readers a balanced view of the racial issues that continue to plague the world today and can provide a guide for the tough conversations which are needed to bring understanding and racial healing. Love Wins demonstrates that love, not continued hate, is the key to bridging the racial divide.

Leona Fort is a young African American woman who has drawn on her inner strength to overcome a traumatic racial experience. Her intelligence and determination enabled her to graduate from one of the top universities in the country and to start a marketing business. When she meets a man, who has known nothing but white privilege his whole life, she resents all that he represents, but knows that landing a contract with his company would take hers to the next level.

Spencer Golding III denies being racist. However, as he begins to interact with Leona and to have serious conversations with his African American friend, Jerome Baxter, he recognizes that there have been stereotypes ingrained in him so subtly that he was not even consciously aware of them.

Leona challenges his subconscious beliefs, while he causes her to examine her own prejudices. The love that surprisingly blossoms between them helps them to see through each other’s eyes and brings the healing and wholeness they both need.



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